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We are proud stockists of many brands and products! The following names are just some of our main brands; we have many more in each shop!


DAF: Durham Animal Feeds

  • Beef

  • Beef & Chicken

  • Beef & Heart

  • Beef & Liver

  • Beef & Tripe

  • Beef Meat Only

  • Best Beef Tripe

  • Chicken

  • Chicken & Apple

  • Chicken & Lamb

  • Chicken & Liver

  • Chicken & Fish

  • Chicken & Tripe

  • Chicken Meat Only

  • Duck

  • Duck & Tripe

  • Game & Tripe

  • Goat

  • Goose

  • Goose, turkey with fruit and veg

  • Haddock

  • Heart

  • Lamb

  • Lamb & Tripe

  • Meaty

  • Offal

  • Oily fish

  • Pheasant

  • Pork

  • Pork & Tripe

  • Pork Meat Only

  • Quail

  • Quail & Tripe

  • Rabbit

  • Tripe & Oily Fish

  • Turkey

  • Turkey & Apple

  • Turkey & Tripe

  • Venison

  • Venison Meat Only

  • Wild Boar

454g Minces: Flavours we stock: 

The highlighted ones are the none-complete minces 

Prices start from £1.30 per pack of mince come in and begin yout raw jourmey

Bits: mostly 1kg bags: Bits range in price please message up for prices of specific products as everyhing is priced in store

  • Beef Chunks (1kg)

  • 1/2 Beef Hearts (1kg)

  • Beef Paddywack (1kg)

  • Beef Spleen Chunks (1kg)

  • Beef Testicles (4pcs)

  • Beef Throttle (4pcs)

  • Beef Throttle with Chick (4pcs)

  • Beef Tripe Chunks (1kg)

  • Chicken Carcass (4pcs)

  • Chicken Drummers (1kg)

  • Chicken Feet (1kg)

  • Chicken Fillets (1kg)

  • Chicken Necks (1kg)

  • Chicken Wings (1kg)

  • Chicken Hearts (1kg)

  • Duck feet (1kg)

  • Duck Necks (1kg)

  • Duck Wings (1kg)

  • Goose Necks (1kg)

  • Herring (1kg)

  • Hooves - Chicken (4pcs)

  • Hooves - Lamb (4pcs)

  • Hooves - Tripe (4pcs)

  • Lamb Hearts (1kg)

  • Liver Chunks (1kg)

  • Mackerel (1kg)

  • Pig Pancreas Chunks (1kg)

  • Rabbit ears (10pcs)

  • Rabbits - whole (1pc)

  • Raw Beef Shanks - Large (2pcs)

  • Raw Beef Shanks - Mini (4pcs)

  • Raw Lamb Ribs (1kg)

  • Raw Pig Trotters (2pcs)

  • Meaty Lamb Bones (1kg)

  • Salmon Chunks (1kg)

  • Salmon Heads (3pcs)

  • Sardines (1kg)

  • Sprats (1kg)

  • Turkey Necks (1kg)

  • Turkey Wings (2pcs)

  • Turkey Drummers (1kg)


Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder made up of ground up fossils. The little fragments are harmless to us and our pets but to pests like fleas and worms these pieces act like shards of glass and cut them up and dry them out to kill them. Using this in your pets food kills and prevents worms and when it is applied to your pets coat, it kills and prevents fleas. 



  • Boneless Beef

  • Chicken & Lamb

  • Chicken

  • Duck

  • Lamb

  • Rabbit

  • Rabbit & Turkey

  • Salmon & Chicken

  • Salmon & Turkey

  • Turkey

  • Venison & Chicken

  • Weaning Paste

  • Puppy Formula

  • Senior Formula

500g Tubs: We Follow nutriments RRP, 500g start from £2.20

  • Recovery Support

  • Low Purine & Phosphorus

  • Kidney Support

  • Liver Support

"Just" Trays:

  • Just Chicken

  • Just Duck

  • Just Turkey

  • Just Offal

  • Just Tripe

  • Just Vegetables

Cat Trays:

  • Cat Chicken 

  • Cat Beef

1.4kg Chubbs:

  • Beef Chubb 

  • Chicken Chubb

  • Chicken & Lamb Chubb

  • Duck Chubb

  • Lamb Chubb

  • Salmon & Chicken Chubb

  • Salmon & Turkey Chubb

  • Turkey Chubb

  • Puppy Chubb

  • Low Purine & Phosphorus Chubb

  • Senior Chubb

We also stock treats by Nutriment! Including little fish, fish twists, tripe sticks and raw turkey hearts!


Natures Menu: 

  • British Lamb

  • Chicken & Salmon

  • Farm Reared Turkey

  • Rabbit

Country Hunter Nuggets: 1kg bags

  • Grass Fed Beef

  • Duck

  • Turkey & Goose

  • Wild Venison

Eden: From 17.99 per 2kg, following Edens RRPl 

Original Cuisine:

Available in 2kg, 6kg & 15kg

Country Cuisine:

Available in 2kg, 6kg & 15kg

Fish Cuisine: 

Available in 2kg, 6kg & 15kg

Dry food:

Wet Food:

  • Original Chicken & Salmon

  • Turkey & Herring

  • Country Cuisine


Semi Moist:

Duck & Tripe:

Available in 2kg, 6kg & 15kg

Wild Boar & Pheasant:

Available in 2kg, 6kg & 15kg

Cat Dry Food:

Country Cuisine:

Available in 1.5kg, 4kg & 10kg

Original Cuisine:

Available in 1.5kg, 4kg & 10kg

Dry food:

  • Free Range Chicken 

  • Free Range Turkey

  • Wild Caught Cod & Haddock

  • Wild Boar

Available in sizes 2kg, 6kg & 12kg

Wet food:

  • Wild Boar

  • Free Range Chicken

  • Sustainable Tuna


We stock the full range of Beco poo bags, compostable, unscented & mint scented!

We also have a range of bowls, beds, food scoops, toys such as balls, hemp ropes, toys without stuffing and even various things for cats!




Anco is our main brand of treats. We have a variety of 50+ different types of dried treats produced by Anco. We have chicken feet, duck necks, lamb ears, camel hide, bull tripe, deer antlers and even whole deer legs! These are just to name a few. They all have their own individual health benefits and our staff can advise you in store, or you can check on our instagram pages!


Pet Munchies:

Pet Munchies are our main brand for bagged treats. We stock around 35 different types of treats. They are grain free and have their own individual health benefits depending on the treat and its contents.


Ice cream for your dogs! Perfect for cooling them down in hot weather! Available in the flavours: vanila, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry and peach!


WALKING: leads, collars, harnesses, coats etc.


Julius K9:

We have a range of Julius K9 harnesses available in store in many colours! They are used by police dogs and security dogs and are great for keeping control of your dog. We offer harness fittings in the shop to make sure you get the right size!

We also stock collars and leads to match some of the harnesses!




We are stocked with lots of different kinds of Ancol products! We have everything from their harnesses, lead and collars to their range of grooming products. They even have coats! Like the Julius harnesses we will also fit them in store for you!


Hugo & Hudson:

We stock a range of reversible Hugo & Huson puffer jacket/coats in multiple colours and sizes. We also have matching sets of harnesses, collars, leads, bow ties and bandanas!





We stock hundreds of different Kong toys between our shops. They all have individual aims such as puzzle toys, extra tough toys, cuddly toys etc. 

Licki Mat's:


Licki Mats are amazing for keeping your dog entertained. We advise you put treats/spreads/pastes on them such as dog safe peanut butter (such as the kong pastes) or coconut oil. These treats are yummy and also beneficial for you dog's health! A good method for keeping them engaged for longer is freezing the mats after you apply the treats onto it so it takes longer for them to lick it all off!

Health supplements/herbal help:



We stock Dorwest products! Their products are healthy supplements that you can add to your dog's diet. We stock the majority of their range. 

Examples of their products:

  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: tablets that help to keep your dogs joints and cartilage nice and strong. 

  • Keepers Mix: 8 herbs blended together into a powder that you add to your dogs food and it helps maintain general health.

  • Sooth & Calm shampoo: a shampoo for sensitive skin containing oatmeal and lavender.


We stock a wide range of Botanica products. Their products have herbal ingredients and are an amazing way to naturally heal any issues. Their Anti-Itch Cream is an amazing way to help stop problems with itching! The Natural Herbal Cream contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, oil of lavender and comfrey oil - this product is designed to help soothe and heal issues such as cuts, grazes, cracked pads and soothe problematic skin conditions. Their products are that good and so natural with what they contain that humans can use them too!

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